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Idea on How to protect Your Facebook Account

Social media is well known across all genders and age. Facebook being one of the social media websites, it has some advantages that come with it. Company’s products are easily advertised on Facebook. Billboards are more costly compared to online advertisements. Facebook promotes business growth due to the ease of accessibility. Ideas from customers will help in the growth of a company. Facebook is a better medium to transfer news to many people. Delivery of news has been promoted due to some insights from viewers.

Among the youth Facebook is one of the best modes of communication. Being a mode of communication, Facebook has made it easy to interact with friends who are located in a different location. Sharing of ideas has been influenced by the use of Facebook since there is interaction with people. The factors that follow highlight some factors to consider when ensuring that your Facebook account is secure.

One should consider controlling the amount of information they post on Facebook. Scammers are highly interested with a well-filled Facebook account hence one should consider reducing the amount of information they post. One should consider controlling the number of people who access their Facebook information. One should consider changing their Facebook settings to ensure that their information is only present to only their friends locking out the general public.

Two-factor authentication will ensure that your Facebook account is safe at all time. The most secure way to secure your Facebook account is by the use of the two-factor authentication. Keying in your Facebook password is no longer safe an extra security procedure will be of great help. People trying to access your Facebook account will be locked out if they lack the security code that is usually sent to your mobile device or your Email address. With this feature you will easily get notified when someone else tries to change your password without your consent.

Reducing the number of people accessing your Facebook account will be of great help to ensure that you keep off scammers. Minimizing the number of people in your Facebook account may lock out some of your friends which may not be favorable to you. Set your privacy settings to friends only to ensure that they are the only once who have access to your Facebook post.

Custom settings are also a better way to ensure the security of your Facebook account. Use of custom settings will ensure that you control the number of people who view your posts. Details in your profile should be reduced to the public. Considering the above factors will ensure that your Facebook account is safe.

News For This Month:

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